Silent Running

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro

This is the second Xiaomi Air Purifier I have bought. The first one was an Air Purifier 2 which uses the same filters. The reason why I chose the Pro version is that I wanted an even more silent device. The Purifier 2 can get a little loud in Auto mode if it detects about 50 PM2.5. The Pro version ist actually unhearable in Auto mode und reasonably silent at full speed.

The cause for us to consider using an air purifier was the increased dust and itchy eyes in the heating period. Not really the invisible fine particulate matter (PM) with a size as small as 2,5 µm theses devices are meant to be used for. But I wanted a device which automatically adjusts its speed according to the amount of dust detected. And the particulate sensor is said to be better than that of the non-Pro Purifier models.

The design is not only elegant but functional, too. This starts with the tower design and vent holes on three sides. This makes finding a good spot to set up the device easier. But you have to avoid accidentally dropping small things onto the device as this may damage the fan obviously.

The filter handling is even easier than with the Purifier 2. There is a lever at the bottom of the Pro version to clamp the filter by lifting it. If you forget to clamp a replaced filter the back door can not be closed. The lifting/clamping mechanism provides a tight fit without the need to push the filter drum in place.

The most obvious difference of the Pro version is the easy to read OLED display with ambient light sensor for automatic brightness adjustment. It is showing PM2.5, temperature and humidity. Due to the comprehensive display you do not really need the Mi Home App to use the device. The device is significantly higher that the Purifier 2 (74 cm versus 52 cm) making the display easier to be read.

The drum filter design requires more storage room for spare filters than flat filters. The filters are said to last 3 to 6 month. The device is reporting an estimate of filter capacity remaining in the Mi Home App.


I had to change the region of the Mi Home App to India to be able to add the Mi Air Purifier Pro though adding the Air Purifier 2 is supported for region Europe. Changing the region made me add all my existing Mi Home devices to the Mi Home App again.

fig. 2
There are two aspects of Mi Home devices bugging me in general. The Mi Home App grants access to the connected devices from internet. There is no option to turn off internet access. The Mi Home App doesn't allow anonymous usage (account required).

There is no official Xiaomi support for Europe. I bought my Purifiers at dx.com and gearbest.com and had to pay 19% Import VAT. The Purifiers are usually delivered with an Chinese 3-pin power wall plug (see figure 2). The adapter kindly included by GearBest was not suitable for our wall sockets. The best idea is probably to order a power cable with a c5 device plug locally.